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If you're a civilian contractor on a U.S. military base or about a few of those numerous U.S. overseas construction jobs, you're probably covered under the Defense Base Act.

That implies that in the event you get hurt at work, you'll be qualified for federal employees' compensation benefits under the longshore act. More information about defence base act is also available at overseas contractors.

defence base act

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If you're insured under the defense base act and therefore are hurt on the job you will get two-thirds of your average weekly salary for as long as you're disabled, in addition to health benefits. You might also qualify to receive certain payments for permanent partial disability in case you don't recover fully from the injury.

The United States department of defense base act claims, If you get hurt while working abroad, you will likely receive a letter from among the department of labor's regional offices. 

Nearly all defense base act claims are administered by the department of labor; however, the moment you are home, the lawyers can help you move your claim to the nearest regional office.

Experience lawyers helping injured workers overseas

In the law firm, the lawyers have been assisting injured employees on the ocean and land for at least 50 decades. They know the various laws under which workers can get paid for their injuries. When you're hurt while operating on a military base or onto a building site abroad, they could help.

The Defense Base Act