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Something happens to many people when they get serious about buying a particular used car. The excitement of a new car – well, "new" to them, the prospect of getting a really good deal, and the buying process itself tend to clog the synapses and cause people to neglect, forget, ignore – take your pick – the basic precautions that one should take before buying a used car.

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The Five Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make

What follows are the five mistakes far too many buyers make when buying a used? By knowing what they are, you can avoid making them yourself.

1 Buyer don't get the facts on a specific used car before they buy.

Before you get serious about anyone car, it's important to get the facts concerning:

Reliability and repair record

Consumer Reports provides a section in their purchasing guide entitled "Frequency of Repair Record.

If the car is subject to a recall

The Consumer Guide – Auto Series publishes a Used Car Rating Guide, in which they present a general assessment of personal used cars, technical data, price categories, and a detailed description of the recall history.

Owner satisfaction with car

In addition to talking directly with friends who have owned your car, you may want to rerun Consumer Reports.

2. Buyers drop in fall in love with the auto before the vendor.

Too many customers fall in love with a certain automobile and allow their desire to have that car cloud their better judgment. After a car vendor – notably a specialist – understands someone is hooked onto a vehicle, that individual has abandoned the chance to negotiate a great thing.

3 Buyers don't give the car a"complete" inspection.

Most used car buyers do not take the time or make the attempt to completely check out the vehicle.

4 Buyers do not have the time to know their Used Auto Warranties

When a franchise dealer delivers a guarantee and the warranty really covers a considerable number of things, your danger is generally moderate to low.

5. Buyers sign the test before assessing everything.

Before you sit down to finish the paperwork, have a walk around the vehicle. Check to find out if there some fresh dents or dings.

The Five Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make