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There are lots of food supplements out there for your pet, but one that quickly gets the status of trends is flax oil. Maybe you've heard it and the benefits are all-purpose in the human health space, but if you don't know how your pet can benefit from  hemp oil, then here is the information:

  • From its ability to improve health to dosage information, this is what pet parents need to know about hemp oil for dogs and cats.

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  • Hemp oil is more than umbrella terms for oil – namely CBD oil and hemp seed oil – extracted from hemp plant parts.

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) comes from the stems, leaves, and shoots of hemp plants. It contains a trace amount of THC, though, no, it won't make you or high your pet, because the 2018 agricultural bill only legalizes CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. It is used to help various health problems, such as pain management.

But is hemp seed oil safe for pets?

Hempseed oil is generally considered safe for pets, but you have to get a green light from your veterinarian before adding it to your pet diet.

What is the dose of hemp seed oil that is suitable for pets?

When it comes to giving your pet hemp seed oil, professionals emphasize the importance of following the dose instruction on the product label.

You can also search online for more information about hemp oil for pets.

The Guide Of Hemp Oil For Dogs And Cats
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