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Coffs Harbour bathrooms

House cleaning is important on a daily basis as it allows us to stay in a clean environment and it makes home a cleaner place to live. When it comes to cleaning, we all prefer to focus more on dining, living, and bedroom. Due to this, we tend to forget cleaning the bathroom which leads to looking ugly, smell awful and other reasons. In order to keep your bathroom clean, these are the 2 most common ways to do so.

  1. Daily – If you wish to keep your bathroom clean on a daily basis then you may want to focus on the sink. The sink is probably the place where we use it daily for teeth brushing, makeup applies, hair brushing, grooming, and more. You can clean the sink by using a mixture of detergent to get rid of hair-fall, toothpaste, and hair oil stains, etc.
  2. Weekly – If you don’t have the time to clean the bathroom on a daily basis, then the other option is on a weekly basis. On a weekly basis, you should be focusing on major things like tiles, mirrors, stains, etc. In order to remove the dirt, you can use one by using a combination of solutions comprising of water and vinegar. Moreover, the drains should also be cleaned to ensure there isn’t any form of clogs caused by hair getting accumulated. And then you have your towels and bathmats that require cleaning once a week.

With these 2 common ways, you can keep your bathrooms in Coffs Harbour area clean at all times.

These are the 2 Common Ways of Keeping your Bathroom Clean