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New jewelry requires several factors to be successful. This includes aesthetics, price, timing, and even just sheer, plain luck. Threaded earrings seem to have all of these qualities in abundance. Also known as earthen thread or string, threader chain earrings have a huge following, especially among young people who find them cool.

Threaded earrings are exactly what they sound like: long thin chains that the wearer pierces through one or more ear piercings. One end of the chain is attached to a small metal rod called a lead, and the other end is decorated with decorative materials such as precious stones, pearls, or crystals.

The wearer first inserts the string, pushes the chain through the piercing, and then lets the earrings hang. Thread earrings are especially attractive to people with two or more ear piercings because they can mix and match designs and even join or intertwine a chain of thread earrings for a funky effect.

The chain used is very thin, smooth, and light. They are usually three to five inches tall and are often made of metals such as gold and silver vermeil. Influenced by the decorative ornaments used, the design themes of earrings with threads vary from cute to sophisticated. Pearl jewelry gives an elegant look, while colorful antique crystals or shiny glass pearls make thread earrings ideal for everyday wear.

Threader Chain Earrings – A Fashion Jewelry Success Story