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Sometimes homeowners make costly mistakes in settling their fire insurance claims. AllCity Public Adjuster Assurances ensure the maximum recovery of your insurance claim.

Fire Damage Restoration Cost: What is The Average Cost?

Most homeowners allow a fire adjuster to inspect their property and file the claim, but some things may remain uncovered in the initial claim.

If the damage was not properly assessed, the homeowner can add things for three years to an existing closed claim after the insurance company has sent you a check.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the correct settlement for your fire claim:

You should inspect the damaged areas and take photos. Even if the house isn't completely destroyed, you should take photos of any damaged areas.

Next, go back into each closet and room to take inventory of your belongings. You will need to take a picture of all the items that were damaged, such as clothes, shoes, and furniture.

This will require many pictures, but it is worth the effort. Take a list of any contents that have suffered damage. After you have completed the damage list, take a second look at the room to ensure that nothing has been missed. Take pictures and make an inventory for each room.

Although insurance policies can be confusing, it is worth taking the time to review the basics of your policy before you file fire claims. This includes how much coverage you have for your home, your personal property, and what the policy will pay you to stay at a hotel.

Once you have filed fire claims, the fire claims adjuster will go to the location of the fire and begin their own claim. You should not give the original inventory claim sheet and photos to them, but a copy.

Tips for Filing An Insurance Claim For Fire