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Coffs Harbour bathroom renovations

Whenever there is a party or family or friends gathering to your home, the bathroom is probably the place that is going to be visited constantly. No doubt, the living room is the one place which is going to keep your guests busy, but one cannot ignore without a visit to the bathroom. Now since there are many people coming over, it is important to keep the bathroom clean along with other rooms. Therefore, if you’re running late and need to clean the bathroom quickly, follow these simple tips.

  1. Use a Garbage Bag –The first thing to do prior to cleaning your bathroom is to grab a garbage bag. The bag is to collect small throwable items right inside the bag.
  2. Toilet – After you’ve got rid of the throwable items, the next is to clean the toilet. You can do so by using a bleach and let it rest for a period of 5min and then simply flush it.
  3. Use a Spray Bottle – After cleaning the toilet, the next is to clean the mirror, faucets, sink, and countertops with the help of a spray bottle. The spray bottle should comprise of vinegar and water mixture of equal amounts.
  4. Change the Position of the Towel –In order to make your bathroom look tidy, it is also important to change the position of the towel. Instead of letting the towel hang side to side, you should hang the towel in a straight position. Also, you may want to use a smaller towel making it easier for the guests to use.

For such tips along with bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour, you should consider getting professional help.

Tips to Clean your Bathroom Instantly