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In any of the cases whether you cut down, trim, or even want to preserve a tree, in or around your property, you need the help of an arborist. An arborist is a person who holds the desired certificate. 

Along with the certificate and the desired qualification, an arborist must also have a sound knowledge of preparing professional arborist reports

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The report provided by him after the registration of his name under the local council will enable the council in taking a decision, as to what needs to be done regarding cutting, trimming, or preservation of trees. 

Here are a few tips that will help arborists in writing a technical report.

  • The first thing that the report must contain is the name, address, qualification, contact number, and the experience that the expert witness arborists have, who is carrying on the procedure of inspecting the tree and preparing the report.
  • The report must also contain the address of the site where the inspection is being carried out, along with the name of the company or person on whose request or behalf the inspection is being done.
  • The report must contain detail about the position of the tree, which includes its scientific name, its age, the estimated height, the spread of the tree, the diameter of its trunk, the estimated life of the tree, and other intricate information.
  • The report must also include the kind of land or property adjourning the tree.
  • Along with the above details, the arborist report must contain information about, all the techniques that had been used while inspecting the tree.
  • He must also mention the health condition of the tree, along with its usefulness and other technical points that can help the outcome, of the decisions.
Tips To Make Arborist Report Look Professional