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Self-publishing refers to the publishing of one's work or material on their own without the assistance of a publishing house. The author or owner of the book is responsible for all publishing activities. The author would be responsible for various activities such as designing the book's cover, ordering the pages, fixing the price, and managing public relations.

Many online publishers will publish your work in either the eBook or print format. Only when your book is sold, you will have to pay them. To upload your copy, you will need to create a program and keep it under control. If you have not done so before, digitize the contents of your book with Microsoft Word or Pages. These services are available on a variety of self-publishing websites. You can use them. You can also learn to self-publish & market your books through courses & coaching.

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Print on Demand's main idea is that one book copy is printed at a fixed cost regardless of how many copies are ordered. Print on Demand is also cheaper than offset printing because the setup costs are lower. Print on Demand has the following main advantages:

  • The technical arrangement is quicker
  • There is no need to keep the books in stocks.
  • Reduces maintenance and storeroom costs.
  • Unsold books will not be a problem

Give your book a good title. People will be drawn to your book by the title. Customers would be drawn to your book if they only saw the title.

Tips to Self Publish Your Book