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Translation SEO may be the next big thing as more multinational companies localize their services, products, and even websites in different countries. 

The hope that the SEO juice will be the same on the overseas search engine. Local listings are the #1 factor in local map rankings. You can build an online presence with local Dallas SEO analysis metrics from any previously completed marketing.



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For one thing, those translations are often word-for-word translations and don't follow sentence structure rules or use idioms. 

Here are three other best practices for translation SEO.

1.Research country-specific keywords

People not only call things by different words in different countries but they may use entirely different search terms when they do perform a search. 

Do country-specific keyword research, rather than relying on your knowledge of the culture and language. 

2.Optimize your site to rank within high search market targets

This means following the best practices of the popular search engines in that country, which may not always be Google. 

The best practices are not necessarily Google's, which means your translation SEO is more than just following Google's best practices. 

3. Don't duplicate pages from other websites

Even if you translate to another language, it's never a good idea to duplicate pages, unless there's a reason to do it. 

Rather, make sure your translator is also a decent writer who can rewrite the copy enough so it's completely different. 

It's a matter of finding the best keywords, and working with experienced SEO professionals who know how the other country's search engines work.

Translation SEO Best Practices in Dallas
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