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The use of shoes for diabetics has continued to increase since the passage of the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes Bill. For some diabetics, they are very important in reducing foot-related complications.

Reasons for using diabetic shoes:

Medicare created this benefit to reduce the occurrence of foot injuries and common injuries caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. Shoes are the source of many frictions and pressure sores leading to infection, hospitalization, and possible amputation. They also allow irritation of pre-existing foot deformities, including bunions and hammerheads. 

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Because many people with diabetes have a certain degree of discomfort (peripheral neuropathy), pain from shoe irritation is not easy to feel, and sores form easily over a relatively short period of time. Combined with foot deformities such as bunions and hammerheads, as well as chronic swelling. 

The risk of shoes rubbing against the skin is dangerously high. Diabetic shoes are defined as shoes with added depth (particularly in the toe box) to reduce pressure on the toe and a suitable width to reduce pressure on the inside and outside of the foot. It immediately protects the feet from deformed toes or bunions and is also beneficial for normal feet. 

Shoe materials usually must have construction that limits the seams to the shoe and must be durable to last one year of daily use. It is important to include inserts made of a material called plastic. This material reduces compressive and shear forces.

Using Diabetic Shoes From Indiana to Protect Diabetic Feet