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A fine dining restaurant can be a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. To make your dining experience more memorable, you need to follow certain etiquette rules. You can also search for more information regarding fine dining via FINEDINER

1. You must costume for the occasion: Your everyday clothes are not appropriate when you dine in a fine dining establishment. Most excellent dining restaurants have a strict dress code. The dress code is formal and suits are not appropriate. However, you can wear a tie, elegant clothes, miniskirts or stylish pants.

2. Table arrangement: A fine dining establishment will have a different table layout than a family restaurant. You might choose silverware from the outside and place it on the plate. There will be more than one fork. 

You will have more than one fork, whether it is the dinner fork or the entree fork. A smaller salad fork will be available. A dessert spoon and a fork will be placed on top of the dinner plate. 

3. Table manners: Always shake hands with your host when greeting them. Don't place your elbows on the tables. Sit straight up. Use utensils for eating and not your fingers. Don't eat until everyone has been served. Always pass the items to the right. Your guests should eat at the same time. 

Do not speak loud enough to annoy others. Don't be afraid to compliment the host about the taste and appearance of the meal. 

4. Respect your restaurant host/hostesses: Give at least 15% tip. Don't treat a host in a restaurant harshly. Show kindness and appreciation for how you are treated. Do not be angry or cause a scene if there is a problem with the meal. The host will fix the problem if you explain the issue.

Various Tips on Fine Dining
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