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Height Dynamics offers a wide range of Tower Rescue Kits. What does a Tower Rescue Kit include? The short answer is that it can contain anything you need. Some rescue gears include first aid supplies or additional pulleys that can be used to build mechanical advantage systems. To rescue someone, you might need to take the rescue kit up to the top of the tower. Once you start climbing, extra gear will feel heavy.

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In Texas, many Tower Rescue Kits have similar components. Most tower rescue kits include a rope, an anchor strap, and a descender. Let's take a closer look at these items.

Anchor Strap

Two people will likely rely on an anchor to hold them steady. The stronger, the better. Use a two-ply anchor or a fitted sling protector. This will give you extra protection from sharp edges. You can view a variety of tie-off adaptors and anchors.

Mini Haul or Haultrack System

In Texas, an essential part of a rescue kit is a compact mechanical advantage kit. This device can be used to rescue and evacuate victims. There are pre-rigged kits available, such as the ISC Haulerbiner and the Petzl Jag. To attach the haul kit and rescue rope to it, combine them with an ascender or rope grab.


Steel cabinets may add weight. A tower rescue kit is a good choice if you want lightweight, strong alloy carabiners. Steel carabiners can be stronger than steel ones, so you might consider having a few to attach to your main anchor. You should have at least six of these in your kit.

What Does A Height Rescue Kit Contain in Texas?
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