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Insurance for travel medical expenses covers medical emergencies that arise during your travel. If you're traveling and suffer from an injury, illness, or medical condition covered by your medical insurance for travel the plan will pay you up to policy limits.

Medicare and health insurance for travelers covers "reasonable and normal" costs for expenses like:

  • Ambulance service

  • Doctor charges

  • Operating room and hospital charges

  • Examinations, X-rays, treatments lab tests, and anesthetics

When purchasing medical travel insurance, you must know the distinction between these different types of insurance.

Primary and Secondary Medical Protection: The insurance you purchase for medical travel may be primary or secondary according to the plan. If it is primary insurance, it's going to pay before the other health insurance plan you are covered by. If you are covered by health insurance and purchase travel medical insurance for secondary protection your health insurance will pay first.

Single-trip vs. Multi-trip: The amount of time you travel during a calendar year can be the key determining factor between these two types of coverage. The difference is evident between these two.

One-trip coverage: One-time coverage starts when you leave home and head towards your desired place of destination (or places) and closes when you return home. The plan protects you for all the length of your vacation.

Multiple-trip insurance: Also known as annual insurance for travel it will cover you for a calendar year. It's ideal for those who make at least three trips per year. 

What Exactly Is Travel Medical Insurance?