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Mobile coolrooms are a type of refrigeration unit that can be transported to events or businesses. They are perfect for smaller businesses and events that need to keep food and drink chilled, without the use of an ice machine. To get various range of cool room solutions, you can look here.


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Types of Mobile Coolrooms

When it comes to mobile refrigeration, there are a few different types of coolrooms that you can hire.

The first type is a Portable Coolroom which is perfect for events or festivals where you need to transport the cool room from one place to another. Portable coolrooms typically come with a carrying case and are lightweight so they are easy to move.

The next type is a Fixed Location Coolroom which is perfect for businesses or factories who have a permanent location that they need to refrigerate. Fixed Location coolrooms typically come with more space and options for ventilation and temperature control.

The last type is a Mobile Refrigeration Unit which is perfect for businesses or factories who need to refrigerate multiple items at once. Mobile Refrigeration Units are typically larger and can hold more items than a Fixed Location Coolroom.

The final type of mobile coolroom is an In-Vehicle Coolroom. In-vehicle coolrooms are perfect for businesses who want to refrigerate their products on the go. In-vehicle coolrooms are small and compact so they can fit in most vehicles.

What Is A Mobile Coolroom & Its Types?