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General Motors has been involved in a major airbag recall which has left many people wondering what it is and why they are included. The following article explains the lawsuit, the class action, the risks of not taking the recall, and more.

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General Motors Injury Lawsuit

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What is being recalled?

General Motors is recalling approximately 1.6 million vehicles in the United States for the risk of airbag deployment without warning.

The recall includes certain 2005-2007 Pontiac G5 and Solstice models; 2006-2008 Saturn VUE; 2006-2007 Pontiac GTO, GTO SS, and G8; 2007-2008 Chevrolet Cobalt and Corvette; and 2008 GMC Envoy.

The problem is that the airbag sensor might not have been properly replaced after a crash, potentially causing the airbags to deploy without warning. If this happens, it could cause serious injury or death.

If you have one of these cars, please take it to your nearest GM dealership as soon as possible to have the airbag sensor replaced.

Why was the recall issued?

The recall was issued because the airbag could not be deactivated in the event of a crash.

What is General Motors doing to fix the problem?

GM is working on a software update that will allow the airbags to be deactivated.

Has anyone been injured?

If you're reading this, General Motors has issued a recall for your car. What does that mean for you? First and foremost, it means that you need to take your car in for inspection. GM is asking owners of certain models of cars to check the safety belts and airbags. 

What Is General Motors’ Airbag Recall?