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One of the main reasons why old case knife are so special is because they're often tailor-made for specific purposes. For example, many old case knife are designed as hunting knife or tactical gear.

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Another option is to donate it to a museum or historical society. This is a great way to ensure that your old knife will be preserved and enjoyed by future generations.

Finally, you could simply keep the knife as a memento or family heirloom. If it's been in your family for years, it might have sentimental value that makes it worth hanging onto.

What should you do with your old case knife?

There are plenty of creative ways to use an old case knife that will make it useful and fun. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make a custom keychain knife. This is a great way to keep your case knife handy and stylish at the same time. All you need is some wire cutters and a little bit of imagination.

2. Use your old case knife as a self-defense weapon.  Not only is a case knife durable and tough, but it can also be used to slash and stab your attackers if necessary. Keep in mind that using a case knife in this way is illegal in many places, so be sure to check the laws in your area before taking this approach.

3. Make a garden tool. A simple case knife can be turned into a versatile gardening tool by cutting out holes in the handle for your fingers. This makes it perfect for weeding or digging up plants.

What should you do with your old case knife?