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It is used to inject drugs into the body. It's a cross between acupuncture and injectable therapy. Because the needles are hollow, they have the potential to hold solutions. The procedure is similar to acupuncture, in which needles are inserted into certain body areas.

The trigger spots in the body where the needles are inserted are considered to be the origins of pain. As a result, because the roots are addressed first, pain alleviation is quicker.

It's still controversial whether dry needling therapy should be considered a novel medical practice or merely a subset of acupuncture. Some doctors believe that medical practitioners should be able to do this surgery because it is part of chiropractic techniques that focus on the fundamental cause of the problem. 

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However, other acupuncturists believe that because acupuncture is a highly technical and complex treatment, it should only be administered by persons who have acupuncture knowledge and a license.

People are still skeptical of dry needling therapy. However, the answer is YES if you're wondering whether it's safe. It's quite safe as long as it's done correctly and the needles are always sterilized. It should only be done by professionals. 

The treatment is normally repeated once a week until the muscles have returned to normal. Bruising may occur during therapy, but this is to be expected.

When Did Dry Needling Start As A Therapy?
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