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We all know Canadian winters can be harsh. You can be very tough in your car. With our temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, there are many reasons to want a car warm when not in use, including personal comfort!

However, you can improve your car's fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and reduce engine wear. What's the best way to do this? Before turning the ignition on, warm your car with a heating block.

What is the heater for the care unit?

When you start a car engine, oil flows through the engine block and lubricates the moving parts. When the temperature drops well below zero, the oil thickens and becomes flexible. It will be more difficult to get past your machine. You can also use a car engine heater to keep your car warm in winters.

If there is not enough oil flowing through the engine, the engine has to work harder. This can damage parts of your machine.

A car heater is a small electric heater in your engine. This keeps the engine unit healthy and the coolant and oil warm. If you start your car with a block heater, it will be quieter when it's really cold. Some block heaters work directly with the fuel or diesel supply in the car. However, most block heaters use an electric plug.

When Should You Plug In Your Cars Block Heater?