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When you finally place the purchase of your customized labels for your clothing — the labels that display your company's logo, the size of the display, and also care instructions. When you upload your design for your clothing tag along with the technical specs, you're stunned by the cost.

How could a tiny piece of cloth cost that many dollars? What is the reason for clothing label manufacturers require 500 or 1000 minimums of pieces? You may think to yourself, "These are just squares of cloth. For more information about custom clothing labels, you can visit

It is true that there is an incredible amount of technology and precision which goes into the design of every label. It's not the price of the material, but rather the cost of work required to create an apparel tag that has precisely the right size, width, height, and color.

Then there's the design of the label on the garment using the use of a graphic interface like Photoshop. Measurements should be extremely precise, as well as the match of the design with what the weaving looms or printers actually are capable of accomplishing. 

The next step is production. Based on the kind of custom-designed clothing tag the manufacturing process may need to be outsourced. This means that, most likely, translations into other languages for the specific technical requirements need to be completed. 

These are the reasons the reason why custom label makers have to adhere to a strict minimum and charge an enormous amount. 

Why Are Custom Clothing Labels And Clothing Tags Are So Expensive?