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Nescafe's history is rich during the turbulent 1930's when America was in Depression and coffee demand was almost non-existent. In an effort to increase their coffee bean sales, the Brazilian government took the initiative to develop a new method to get coffee popularized and more affordable. 

The Nestle company was approached with the idea of developing instant coffee. It took seven years of intensive research in a Swiss laboratory before Mr. Max Morgenthaler, along his team, created Nescafe. The product was first tested in Switzerland on April 1, 1938. Coffee lovers can check out various online sites to buy Nescafe instant coffee.

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It struggled to gain acceptance over the next five year due to World War II in Europe. It was supported strongly by the American armed forces, who received it as part of their daily food rations. The popularity of the drink grew as American teenagers began to enjoy it in their coffee shops. This continued the fascination with rock'n'roll music.

Nescafe wasn't the first company to create instant coffee. However, they were the first. The first attempts at instant coffee date back to 1901. They used very concentrated coffee, then collected the liquid after drying it. The super-high heat destroyed the aroma and flavor of coffee, leaving behind a bitter and unpleasant tasting drink. 

Nescafe invented a new and innovative method that sprays concentrated coffee in large, heated towers. The fine drops are then quickly made into powder. To preserve the flavor, carbohydrates were added. Instant coffee was a revolutionary concept that changed the way people thought of instant coffee. It is now a popular choice, and even a favorite.

Why Use Nescafe Instant Coffee?
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