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Among the many plumbing problems that plague homeowners, blocked drains are considered the most annoying of them all. Because faucets and drains are constantly used – every time you wash the dishes or wash your hair, bits, and pieces of things fall into the drain and cause a buildup that pretty much grows unmanageable over time, hence the water stops flowing down the drain and you're left with the problem of choosing between using a plunger or calling a plumber.

Yes, it can be tempting to just get the plunger and do it yourself – after all, how hard can it be? The problem is, doing it yourself may only bring a temporary fix to the problem because you'll naturally just assume there's something blocking the flow of water when it could be something else.

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Blocked drains are usually caused not only by a buildup of food particles and other foreign objects but also by a host of other things you wouldn't normally expect to cause a blockage.

Trees and leaves for one can be a reason for blocked drains, especially because trees can shed leaves and grow large roots that are drawn to the nearest water source or moisture.

These roots tend to wrap themselves tightly around your pipes and into every available crack and crevices so much that not only do they cause blocked drains, they can also cause your pipes to crack, leading to bigger problems.

Grease and fat as you know, build up in your drains faster than you can say "blocked." When getting rid of any kind of liquid, make sure you don't pour these down the drain or if you accidentally do, make sure you pour in some hot water right after it to keep it from building up to a sticky, greasy residue.

In the same light, you should consider not washing your hair in the sink as hair tends to get caught up in the drain pipes. Try not to flush toilet paper and nappies down the toilet as these don't exactly break up into small pieces and just get stuck instead in the U-bend.

In addition to foreign objects being accidentally flushed or thrown down the drain, you may also want to have your pipes inspected to make sure they are installed correctly or if you have any pipes that are broken.

Broken or burst pipes can be costly to repair because of the difficulty plumbers have in accessing the area so having them inspected at least once a year can save you a whole lot of trouble.

Why You’ll Need to Call a Plumber in Keysborough